Recruiting Spanish-English bilinguals with aphasia for online treatment study

Flyer_Bilingual aphasia study
One of my students, Kana Lopez, is starting data collection for her Master’s thesis and is recruiting Spanish-English bilinguals with aphasia. The study will be conducted online, so there are no geographical constraints, except that the person should be residing in the U.S.
Kana is running an intensive treatment study and recruiting 2 participants for the study. In addition to 8 weeks of free intensive language therapy, we will be giving participants a small gift card. Please see Kana’s message below. Interested individuals should contact Kana at

My name is Kana Lopez. I am a graduate student at Cal State East Bay in the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Department.

I am conducting a research project for my Master’s thesis about Aphasia and Bilingualism. I am recruiting two Spanish-English bilingual participants who have been diagnosed with aphasia. Below is a brief description of my study.

This study focuses on the impact of language learning environment on recovery from brain injury. The primary goal of the project is to better understand the causes of different recovery patterns in bilingual aphasia and to see how institutional language learning (also known as “explicit”) versus learning in a natural setting, such as at home (also known as “implicit”), impacts the recovery of language in bilinguals with aphasia.

I am looking for two participants who learned Spanish as their first language and learned English second, either in a classroom or naturalistically, and who had a stroke more than 6 months ago that resulted in aphasia.

Participants will receive 8 weeks of free intensive speech-language therapy in English, focusing on naming and sentence formulation. All therapy will be provided via videoconferencing on a computer. Participants will receive a gift card for their participation.

Please feel free to distribute the flyer to potential participants or other professionals. Interested individuals should contact me at

Kana Lopez

Master’s student

California State University, East Bay

Flyer_Bilingual aphasia study


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