Student research presentations 2021

Students in the Multilingualism Lab presented their in-progress research projects at the 2021 Virtual Cal State East Bay Student Research Symposium. Their recorded presentations can be found below.

Presentation on Cross-language Treatment Effects in Bilinguals with Aphasia

Bilingual aphasia: This study involved an 8-week naming treatment study of two Spanish-English bilinguals with aphasia. The patients were given treatment in English and were assessed in both English and Spanish in order to investigate whether treatment gains would transfer to the untreated language, Spanish. This is part of Kana Lopez’s Master’s thesis.

Lopez, K., Vasquez, A. S., Soto, J., Tollast, A., Gravier, M., & Higby, E.  Cross-language Treatment Effects in Bilinguals with Aphasia.

Bilingual language development: This study tested 30-32-month-old toddlers from Mandarin-speaking and English-speaking homes to examine the influence of Mandarin on the acquisition of plural and verbal morphology in toddlers exposed to Mandarin and English. This is part of Ogechi Okeke and Jennifer Do’s Master theses.

Okeke, O., Do, J., Higby, E., & Nicholas, K.  Language Development in Mandarin-English Bilingual Toddlers.

Sulcal morphology: This study examines individual differences in brain morphology, particularly the paracingulate sulcus in the anterior cingulate cortex. The length of this sulcus in each hemisphere is being indexed and will be entered into a correlational analysis with cognitive behavioral tasks to examine whether paracingulate length is associated with certain types of cognitive skills.

Sanchez, A., Crosby, M., & Higby, E.  The Significance of Brain Morphology for Cognitive Abilities.


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